Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I've been gone lately , been busy with my clothing company (KRTV Inc.) and really haven't had time to work on my street style and lifestyle blog. I promise im going to be blogging more often, youll see more looks , inspirations, street photography, and some features on this blog. Hope you guys stick with me through this journey and thanks for the love! - Roderick Mendoza (SV)

So this look today is inspired by the song "Happy" by Pharell Williams. As a street wear photographer and founder of my own street wear brand , Pharell Williams is one of my biggest influences , not only music and style but lifestyle overall.

 By now I'm sure everybody has seen his "Happy" Video and know how crazy the hype is on his new style and especially his famous Hat. To me he's always been a trendsetter so i decided to put my own take to it.

His look was very simple but powerful and ofcourse the famous hat stands out. Most of my pieces were thrifted to show that you too can also be inspired by this look and decide to replicate it. Enjoy

Photographed by: Aileen Alvarado

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reppin the MOB on my back.

These are a couple pictures of my new holiday drop , The KRTV MOB hoodie is a must for the cold weather and the holidays! 
Check out KRTVCLOTHING site for more pictures! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

KRTV Jock.

Nice and cool mornings like these , you always have to pull out the letterman jackets!
I dont really own much red pieces of clothing but i feel it actually suites me, I was never the jock type in highschool, i was quiet and was known more for my graffiti than anything else and now my art is was made me go this far! Rocking my own t shirt and glasses from my brand! 

This look features:
-Krtv Inc. white tee 
-Ferrari letterman jacket
-Woolrich red flannel button up 
-Levi's jeans
-Nike Af 1's 
-Krtv Sunglasses

Thursday, November 14, 2013

MTV Jams.

Another breezy cold day in Florida , this time i took a stroll down south beach walked around and looked at some stores, Accompanied by good friend Stefano Veliz who's a musician , he recently started his own band you guys can see more on KRTV Inc. website once we start putting up music and more.
Inspired by 80's hiphop and my love for it!

This look features:
-Thrifted light jean button up
-Levi's Dark Blue Jeans
-Thrifted Mtv Bomber jacket 
-Nike Air force 1's (Black)
-Raiders Vintage Starter Snapback

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Winter in Miami.

The Look was inspired by the Kate Spade purse I am wearing here. Its a simple black and white purse so i wanted a nice yet not too loud look to go along with it. A comfy lime green knit sweater from H&M and black stocking from Forever 21, and of course my oh so comfy Jeffrey Campbell littas in black and brown. Cant go wrong with Jeffrey's.
  - Aileen Alvarado

Street Business.

Winter is upon us my friends, even though  i live in Florida where the weather doesn't get too cold , thats no reason to not dress the part! My favorite time of the year rocking my new cut and this street dapper look.

 This look features:
-Joseph Abboud white dress shirt.
-Levis jeans.
-Tommy Hilfiger striped sweater.
- Banana republic sweater vest.
-Banana Republic desert oxfords.
-Vintage authentic leather bag.

                   Photographed By: Aileen Alvarado. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All American

Today we featured my good friend Stefano Veliz. A upcoming musician from miami that also has his own taste of style i particularly liked this outfit because he is one of the few people i personally think the jean vest looks great on. What do you think?

Shot by: Roderick Mendoza