Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I've been gone lately , been busy with my clothing company (KRTV Inc.) and really haven't had time to work on my street style and lifestyle blog. I promise im going to be blogging more often, youll see more looks , inspirations, street photography, and some features on this blog. Hope you guys stick with me through this journey and thanks for the love! - Roderick Mendoza (SV)

So this look today is inspired by the song "Happy" by Pharell Williams. As a street wear photographer and founder of my own street wear brand , Pharell Williams is one of my biggest influences , not only music and style but lifestyle overall.

 By now I'm sure everybody has seen his "Happy" Video and know how crazy the hype is on his new style and especially his famous Hat. To me he's always been a trendsetter so i decided to put my own take to it.

His look was very simple but powerful and ofcourse the famous hat stands out. Most of my pieces were thrifted to show that you too can also be inspired by this look and decide to replicate it. Enjoy

Photographed by: Aileen Alvarado